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It's been a long time but...

After a (very) long time, we're back! Expect plenty of posts on art, design, interiors, fashion, beauty, travel, food and more! Basically, everything we love!


weekly window shop - benah

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Shop → Benah
Where → Online here

Benah is the place to go if you ever need a bag or clutch and they always have some lovely items on pre order. This red leather and suede clutch with gold chain detail would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe, not to mention the cuff, scarf and bag!

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jewellery storage - ring dish

How cute is this Nestled Ring Dish and Sidekick Show-Off Ring Dish from Anthropologie? Of course, you could use any ordinary dish to hold your jewellery in but I'm sure they wouldn't be half as cute as these!

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Stunning photography by Billy Kidd. Also love the name of his blog - I was shot by Billy Kidd.


weekly window shop - cuffs

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Shop → Cuffs
Where → Online here + Store location here

I often forget to check out Cuffs when I'm looking for that special item. It used to be a shop I'd check out regularly when having a browse and every time I go back, I remember why. They have a great vintage section where you can find some pretty unique pieces, so no worrying about turning up to a party and hoping nobody else is wearing the same!

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Saying I'm obsessed with these would probably be an understatement. I love love love them! Now to choose between the horse, buffalo, bear, or unicorn. Nope, I don't think I can.